Los Kogars - Swing into Action

(PPR-019 | 1996) Next we have Los Kogars Swing into Action. This is the debut full length LP from Planet Pimp’s other superhero band. These Frenchys pretending to be Mexicans churn out some cool instro tunes. Los Kogars have an easy-going and minimal sound to their tunes. But don’t let that mislead you into thinking they’re some silly lounge revival band, no, they’re a silly surf revival band!

No. 1 Kogars Kitchen FanLos Kogars still play from time to time and they maintain a Facebook Page if you want to occasionally see posts like this:

Track Listing

Side Two

  1. Wild PartyWatch/Listen on YouTube
  2. Joe’s ShuffleWatch/Listen on YouTube
  3. Gran ’Ola
  4. Twin Spin
  5. Switchblade
  6. Fried PotatoesWatch/Listen on YouTube