Back in 1996 this web site was the resource for information on Planet Pimp Records. I suppose this was in good part because no one else was stupid enough to devote a good chunk of their time researching artists, creating annoying animated GIFs, and appreciating the typographical perfection of Comic Sans MS font.

Sometime around 1999, I got serious about becoming a web designer, and the old Planet Pimp site fell by the wayside. Planet Pimp itself stopped existing as a label and the site was abandoned after 2 or 3 ISP changes. Well it’s now a decade later and I believe it is time for the triumphal return of Robert Gomez’s Unofficial Tribute to Planet Pimp Records!

Planet Pimp Records was more than just your average independent record label. Sure they had their share of cool underground bands, but, in the end, the label itself and the twisted humor of its proprietor, Sven-Erik Geddes, became the main attraction. In many cases, the music exists as an aside to the packaging, but, don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of great tunes to be found here (lots of garage rock and surfy stuff that I love).

As a youngster, my own musical tastes were formed from a combination of my Mom’s old Duane Eddy 45’s and lots of Sunday nights curled-up by my clock radio listening to Dr. Demento—I’m one of those nerds who knew "Weird" Al’s Yoda long before I ever heard The Kink’s Lola. Toss in a hefty dose of toilet humor into the mix and we have the nexus that was Planet Pimp.

Over the course of some two dozen releases we have been blessed with some of the stupidest and inane records ever made… and I mean that in the best possible sense. I am just tickled pink by the fact that someone took the time and resources to press the vinyl, make the covers, and set up distribution deals, etc., all in the name of a good laugh. In the end that was never a really a good business plan. Sven-Erik had to decide between keeping the label going or getting a job and paying the rent. The latter triumphed, and Planet Pimp Records closed their doors for good.

Fortunately we still have the records to look back upon, and I hope this Web site will serve as a fitting remembrance for fans, and a nice starting point for the uninitiated. Enjoy!

Discography / History

This is the Planet Pimp Records release history/discography. Be sure you click on the thumbnail images to view larger versions of the cover art and media. If you are lucky, you may even hear some lo(wer)-fi versions of a few of the tracks! If you have any important information to add about this release or the artists contained within, please let me know!

The majority of Planet Pimp Records’ releases have been in the form of 45s. The first singles were packaged with simple black and white photocopy packages but eventually they moved on to a wonderful full-color format (and eventually even CDs).

Planet Pimp Catalogs

Every little piece of marketing crap that Planet Pimp released was pretty funny. Here you can browse through some of catalogs that were included with most of the releases at one time or another.

Please Note...

As always, this page is a work-in-progress. Also, I apologize in advance for my lame attempts at humor—hey just be glad someone is keeping this garbage in the public eye.

Be sure to click around. With each record I have links to the art work and several of them also have links to audio samples. The audio is usually associated with the images of the vinyl (or CD). Here’s a hint: Click the image of Sven-Erik Geddes, President of Planet Pimp Records.

Since upgrading the site in 2015, I have been migrating away from older browser support. Some of the fancy sounds and images won’t work if you don’t have a fairly modern browser. Mostly, this will only affect you if you are a great-grandmother who is still running Internet Explorer 8.

I Need Your Help!

I only know as much about the bands and people involved with Planet Pimp as I gathered from the records, newsletters and marketing stuff that was released by Planet Pimp. This is where I need your help. If you have anything—anecdotes or corrections, whatever—you think should be added to (or removed from) this page please don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail. If your band is still active or members have gone on to other projects, please send me the links and I will add them where appropriate.