Sit ’n’ Spin - I’m Sick b/w Shaffo Road

Sit ’n’ Spin - I’m Sick b/w Shaffo Road

(PPR-14 | 1995) The 27th amendment (ERA) may not have been passed a decade or so ago, but this hasn’t stopped Planet Pimp Records from applying a little Windex™ to the glass ceiling. P.P.’s roster of recording artists is filled with girl groups such as the’s, The Pebbles, who have 2 releases on P.P., and Planet Pimp’s latest all-girl sensation, Sit ’n’ Spin. Sit ’n’ Spin’s first 7"er features art work by Yoshiko Fujii of the’s and features 2 great garage (but not lo-fi) songs.

Track Listing

Side One

  1. I’m Sick

Side Two

  1. Shafto Road