Thee Shatners

(PPR-008 | 1994) Around this time Planet Pimp began to catch its stride (which it has not lost, well at least not until the label folded) and release some of it’s best records. A fine example of this is Thee Shatners. This LP contains a dozen great surf tunes that are inspired by Star Trek™ [not that geeky Next Generation stuff, but full-blooded American Kirk worship!]. Not only do the titles refer to Trek stuff but the songs all contain little snippets of bridge noises, tricorder sounds, and phaser fire. Note: Thee Shatners are actually members of the Hi-Fives, another great band. The LP contains a great mystery track (side 2) which offers a compelling answer to the problem of street vagrancy.

If you are of a low moral character, a fellow reprobate has posted this CD for download on the Internet.

Track Listing

Side One

  1. Green Blooded Love
  2. He’s Dead Jim
  3. Warp Drive
  4. Klingon Boarding Party
  5. Mr. Sulu
  6. Damn Your F*@!ing World
  7. Beam Big Daddy, Beam
  8. Uhuru
  9. Romulan Attack
  10. Kirock (I Am)
  11. Surf Beat
  12. Stronger than KirkWatch/Listen on YouTube

Side Two

  1. Mystery Track