Thee Shatners

(PPR-008 | 1994) Around this time Planet Pimp began to catch its stride (which it has not lost, well at least not until the label folded) and release some of it’s best records. A fine example of this is Thee Shatners. This LP contains a dozen great surf tunes that are inspired by Star Trek™ [not that geeky Next Generation stuff, but full-blooded American Kirk worship!]. Not only do the titles refer to Trek stuff but the songs all contain little snippets of bridge noises, tricorder sounds, and phaser fire. Note: Thee Shatners are actually members of the Hi-Fives, another great band. The LP contains a great mystery track (side 2) which offers a compelling answer to the problem of street vagrancy.

A call for help: If anyone out there knows the story behind the "Mystery Track" please drop me a line or leave a comment on the Planet Pimp comment thread!

Track Listing

Side One

  1. Green Blooded Love
  2. He’s Dead JimWatch/Listen on YouTube
  3. Warp Drive
  4. Klingon Boarding Party
  5. Mr. Sulu
  6. Damn Your F*@!ing World
  7. Beam Big Daddy, Beam
  8. Uhuru
  9. Romulan AttackWatch/Listen on YouTube
  10. Kirock (I Am)
  11. Surf Beat
  12. Stronger than KirkWatch/Listen on YouTube

Side Two

  1. Mystery Track